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Problems with your Epson, Lexmark or Samsung Printers?

As much as we would like to think that printing is a trouble free activity we acknowledge that problems arise more often that we would like to admit. If you are the proud owner of an Epson Printer, a Lexmark Printer or a Samsung Printer we have specific Troubleshooting Options for you to turn to when perfect printing becomes a nightmare.

Troubleshooting Hints for Your Samsung Printer 

  • Samsung all-in-one printers are a real boon to businesses, and if you have one, you want to ensure it prints, faxes and scans trouble free. But when you have a printing problem, it can be very frustrating. It holds up your business and puts a kink in your day.

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Lexmark Printer

  • Trouble printing can lead to many frustrations, particularly when it holds you up in conducting business normally. When you have difficulty printing with your Lexmark printer, here are some troubleshooting tips. These are fairly easy and will save you money on repairs. 

Troubleshooting Options for Your Epson Printer

  • It’s not a very happy proposition when your Epson printer goes on the blink! It’s frustrating and time-consuming. So it’s vital to know some troubleshooting tips in order to get it fixed and back in operation.


Save the Environment by Printing with Ink Sticks

When you buy a laser printer, you are committing yourself to purchasing toner cartridges for the life of your machine. Toner cartridges aren’t part of this New Year’s healthy diet for Mother Earth. Many are simply thrown away and end up in our dumps, polluting the planet.

If you are shopping for a laser printer now, think about buying one that uses ink sticks. There are many benefits to printing with solid ink, besides the fact it’s cheaper!  Some of the benefits of using solid ink: 

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