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How to Lower Your Paper Cost

One great way to save when printing is to find the best deals on printer ink.  By now you know that you can get the lowest prices online at Inkjetsuperstore Canada.  But lowering your ink cost goes hand by hand with reducing also paper cost. 

1.- Review before printing:  Instead of printing in draft mode to see if there are changes to be made and waste paper.  Zoom in and out of the document to verify any changes and keep your eyes from straining. Try to make all the changes and reviews prior to printing the final document. 

2. - Double Sided Printing:  It is a great cost effective measure to print on both sides of the paper.  Most new printer models have a duplex printing feature and paper trays that automatically allow this option.  If not available the good old flipping pages works just fine.  Print odd sides first and then even sides and no more than 6 pages at a time to avoid paper jams. 

3. Reuse Printed Paper:  A good idea is to keep paper no longer needed to convert it into message paper, to-do list, shopping list and the list can go on and on.  

4.- Use the entire page - When printing web articles or recipies use a smaller font and use the entire page to save.  Power Point slides can also be smaller and fit several into one page.  

5.- Buy Paper on Bulk - Being prepared is also part of saving because getting more than one rim of paper at once allows you to save on shipping or even gas to go purchase them.  Another thing that helps you save when printing is getting more than one printer cartridge at once and if you can do so and only pay a one time shipping fee then your goal has been accomplished.  Just to remind you that at Inkjetsuperstore Canada we have a flat shipping fee regardless of the amount of ink or toner cartridges you get. 


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Back To School Printing Supplies - Free Shipping

Preparation is the key to start successfully the new school year.  Let's face it printing has become a major part of that success this day and age.  It is important to prepare your printing supplies with time so that you can focus completely on your studies and save yourself from printing nightmares such as running out of printer ink in the middle of a term paper.

For the month of August you can get stocked up on printer ink and get it shipped to any part of Canada for free.  You read that right, buy all the printer ink you need for your printer, your roomate's printer, and even your dorms printer.  Use coupon code: SCHOOLFREE at check out.

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