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Give Your Printer some TLC for Valentines! Ink Saving Tips

Happy Valentines Day from it is our wish you spend a wonderful day.  Take advantage of our week long Valentine's Special with a 10% discount on remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges.

We all need TLC to keep working happily and properly right? Is your printer any different? Nope!! If you take care of your printer by saving ink with proper printing habits, keep it tip top shape with maintenance tasks and then print some great things…You’ll printer will love you FOREVER! The following is a complete TLC guide for your printer.

3 Ink Saving Tips you can give your printer for Valentine's

1) Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is nothing other than printing on both sides of the paper; it is also known as double-sided printing and two-sided printing. By taking advantage of the paper from both sides this type of printing option allows you to save up to 50% on paper use. Saving paper use has its advantages, lowers the cost of your printing, and saves the environment by utilizing resources to the fullest.

2) Use ink saving tools

One major goal we have at Inkjetsuperstore is to help you save! ...Save money by offering you low prices, save time by giving you an easy to use cartridge finder tool as well as shipping immediately to help you get your printer ink as soon as possible.

3) Web Printing Ink Saving is a Must

Printing Web page content is one sure way to waste ink along with money. Because Web pages have big images and usually don’t fit into a regular size paper you end up printing unwanted text or images. Reason why we got some printing tip about printing utilities that will help you choose what you want to print along while saving your ink cartridge or toner cartridge for a longer period of time.