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How to Choose the Right Printer- Video

We know how important it is to choose the right printer. The following video briefly helps you know what kind of printer is best for you. Obviously one the points to consider when choosing the best printer is to know what's the ink and toner cost. One of the tips shared in the video is to divide the price of the cartridge by its page yield to get the price per page.

At Inkjetsuperstore Canada you can get OEM (Original Manufacturer) cartridges at great prices but also you have the option to get compatible or remanufactured cartridges that will make the result of the previous tip much, much lower. Visit us before purchasing your printer to get the most accurate and less expensive options on printer ink.


Cleaning Your Copier - What to Do

Keeping your copier clean will avoid numerous visits by the copier repairman. You can learn to service your own machine and save a bunch of time and money.  You can get supplies from around the office, or you can get a copier repair kit that will have all you need within it.

  • First of all, it’s a good idea to have a vacuum cleaner available to use to vacuum up loose toner. Whether your copier is in a small home office, or in a larger company location, certainly a vacuum will be around to use.

  • Other supplies include a paintbrush (16 inches), some isopropanol, compressed air in a can, glass cleaner, lubricants and clean cotton cloths. When you get the isopropanol, ensure it is 99%. Most of those sold are less, so getting the isopropanol in a repair kit will solve this problem.

  • Vacuum around the copier to get up any toner spillage. Then vacuum the inside. Use the paintbrush to brush any excess toner inside the machine towards the vacuum nozzle as you vacuum.

  • Hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned out with the compressed air. But don’t attempt this until after vacuuming because otherwise toner will blow around.

  • Lubricating oil will be used to clean the lens shafts, scanner, slide rails and the pads. You’ll find you get less jams after you use the oil.

  • Use the glass cleaner and cotton cloths to clean the scanning glass. You want the softest cloths possible so as not to get even a minor scratch on the glass.

Additionally, a great way to save money is to purchase compatible and remanufactured toner for your copier. offers high quality copier toner in OEM, compatible and remanufactured versions, and you can save money with all brands.


Summer Splash - Printer Cleaning Tips

Summer can mean two things for printers either too much printing from vacationers or no printing at all!  But your printer needs some TLC during the summer and deserves a refreshing cleaning to keep it working top notch.  

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The following are some cleaning tips for your Inkjet and Laser printer:

  • Make sure the print heads are aligned. When the nozzles are all pointing in the right direction, the ink gets to the right place. When you get grid-like patterns on your printouts, or white lines repeating through the text, your print heads are out of alignment. Most print heads can be fixed in their alignment by following instructions in the owner’s manual for your printer. You can also go to the website of your printer’s manufacturer for help.
  • Clean the ink nozzle on your printer. Again, with the ink nozzle clogged or obstructed, ink won’t get to the paper correctly. Most printers have a Maintenance or Services tab in the printer software toolbox, and should have a “clean print cartridges” option.
  •  Wondering how to clean your print head? We gather a step by step guide just for you.