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Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips

Halloween Week is finally here and preparations are on full force for everybody.  We wanted to take some time and give you some eco-friendly printing tips, and recycling ideas so this weekend you can have a "Green Halloween".

We've gathered a few links for you to give you the best tips, for a Green Halloween:

Green Printing Tips:
  • Remember that using recycled and remanufactured printing accessories is most important when talking about a Green Halloween.
  • is proud of being able to provide year round the best remanufactured ink cartridges and toner cartridges and help you print and save the environment at the same time.
  • When printing your invitations, posters, postcards be sure to use recycled paper and make the entire printing experience "green" 


Halloween Printing Kit Plus Deals

Halloween is just around the corner and year after year we wish it wasn’t such a nightmare to prepare… enough with one scary night and not weeks of creepy preparation days. We want you to have the best Halloween ever and for that we prepared a helpful kit to solve your nightmare problems. Also to add to the suspense this week you get Halloween Ink Specials and Free gifts!

Preparations shouldn’t become your worst nightmare so we have several great ways to make Halloween 2010 the best ever. We have discounts on ink and toner cartridges, and a FREE downloadable Halloween Printing Kit.

Ink and Toner Deals!

5% Off on all Ink and Toner Cartridges. Choose from all major brands HP, Brother, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox and more. We take pride in having printer ink for most printer series. OEM ink cartridges along with remanufactured and compatible cartridges help you choose the right type of ink for your printing project. Use coupon code: OCT5OFF valid from Oct 18 to Oct 24*  

Click Here for Download Page!


Canon's Creative Park - Print, Create, it's Fun!

We love giving you the insight of all the great resources printer manufacturers have available to make your printing experience the best possible, it is Canon's turn. Canon’s Creative Park is not different from the rest and here is what it can do for you: 

“Pictures can be used in all sorts of different ways and Canon's Creative Park will prove it. Check it out and see how easily you can make greeting cards, 3D objects, scrapbooks and so much more with your photos, and have fun doing it.”

  • Gifts & Cards: Templates and instructions for creating your own personalized greeting cards and envelopes.
  • Calendars: Create a personalized calendar.
  • Scrapbook: Information, templates, and instructions on creating and organizing your own scrapbook craft project.
  • 3D Paper Crafts: Construct three-dimensional projects in several different categories using only paper and your Canon printer.
  • Digital Photo Style: Quickly discover easy things you can do to turn your photos from average to awesome, covering capture to print.
Digital Photo Gallery: Download free high-resolution photos from all over the world. 


Brother Creative Center Review

The center is divided into two different kinds of users, home and business.  In order to take full advantage of your Brother Printer, Brother Ink cartridge or Toner cartridge this center has more used than you originally thought possible. 

Business Center:

Here you can find everything you need for daily business use from Calendars, to Brochure you can make your business go up in style. Sales materials with a professional look, that combine sleek designs with colorful images that when printed make a great business impression. Easy to follow instructions and downloadable templates make it perfect to use. Here is what you can find in the Brother Business Center:

  • Brochures
  • Mailers
  • Posters
  • Calendars

    Home Center:

    The home center has 8 different tasks you can do comfortably at home! All the resources found are FREE for you to follow easy instructions and download. Ready to print projects will allow you to give away, decorate, organize, think through and have fun with. Hours and hours of printing experiences await you at the Brother Home Center, here is what you’ll find:

    • Greeting Cards
    • Photo Albums
    • Calendars
    • Scrapbooks
    • Sudoku
    • Kakuro
    • Origami

    HP Creative Studio Review

    Reviewing a printer, ink cartridges, toner cartridges and any other printer related accessories is one of the missions of this blog. But what about all those services, programs, software’s and web pages that make your printing life so much easier?

    That's the reason we took some time, downloaded, and even tested some of the projects before writing a review of the great initiative HP has to deliver printing solutions.  Ideas are easy when you have the “gift” but most of us craft-handicapped people actually spend hours just researching to find if someone else has already done it and shown how to do it the easiest way. Side note here… what did we do before Internet? Oh yeah we bought craft magazines and swapped ideas with more crafty people.

    Anyway as we said the HP Creative Studio has tons of Ideas, projects and tips ready to edit, click and print. Some great features are:

    HP Creative Studio for Home Use
    : Well obviously it is aimed for home crafters, parents, kids, teenager printing people that use it for fun, decoration or school and realize personalized is better than bought. Just to give you an idea of the projects…. Photo books and scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, photo borders, party decorations, games and toys, you can even design and print your own wrapping paper.

    HP Creative Studio for Business Use: Most definitely a must for start ups and small businesses. You have marketing templates; you can design your logo, use payroll for free, print postage from your PC, design and print your business cards and much more.

    HP Daily Surprise - A new craft delivered to your desktop for free everyday. It gives you a fun, easy craft idea from the HP Creative Studio and obviously related to the day in question. For example 4th of July cards, summer crafts and much more, for me it was a time saver honestly I knew that I had an idea related to the holiday or special day and ready to go for the kids to ensemble, color, or just enjoy. So my Mommy Thumps up for this one!

    How to print great cards

    Honestly I love going to greeting card stores and spend hours reading all the different cards. Most of the time I find that even thought there are thousands of cards, none of them say exactly what I need to convey. So I always end up in front of my computer designing the cards myself.

    Cards can be used for all types of occasions; Birthdays, Holidays, Announcements and Halloween of course!! You’ll always find that people love getting printed cards, don’t get me wrong, e-cards are wonderful but impossible to decorate with them or to pin on your cube at work.

    Let’s get started then with some tips and ideas for printing great cards.

    Creating the Card:

    Obviously there are plenty of software applications that have greeting card features such as PageMaker, InDesign, or any other desktop publishing software.

    • Pick a greeting card format or template
    • Choose graphics.
    • Select a font.
    • Create a consistent look.
    Proof and print the greeting card:

    When it comes time to print your final greeting card, don't forget that final proof. Before putting your creation on expensive photo paper or greeting card stock print a final proof in draft mode.
    • Check text and graphics and layout.
    • Check margins and alignment.
    • Fold your proof and make sure everything lines up correctly.
    • If printing multiple copies of the final card, first print just one at high quality on the desired paper. Check color and ink cartridge coverage.
    Make a 3D Card

    While some photographs have a 3D look to them, you can really make them pop off the page by printing it twice and layering the two photos on top of each other.

    • Create a Greeting Card in Your Software Program
    • Cut Out Your 3D Photo Elements
    • Apply Foam Squares to the Back of the Cut-Out
    • Attach Cut-Out to Photo Card

    Top 5 Free Halloween Clip Art Sites

    Keeping up with our Halloween week the following is our Top 5 list of sites that have Free Halloween Clip Art. Some uses could be personalized invitations, party favors, decorations, and much more. Without further ado...

    Inkjetsuperstore's Top 5 Free Halloween Clips

    1. Creepy Halloween Images - 100's of Free Halloween Images ready to download.  Bats, Ghost, Spooky places and much more.

    2. Pumpkin Patches and More.  Here not only you can find a great list of Halloween pages but you can also find the best pumpkin patch nearest you.

    3. Ben & Jerry's -  Great Site my personal favorite because I love cows and the cow ghost for that matter.  The Halloween Fun page is full of great fun go to the hunted house and click on the different activities and one of them is the Coloring Book

    4. Gifs CC - Has very unique and great images for you to use for free.  Not the ones everyone has but different because different is good!

    5. Abby's Spooky Halloween Clip Art - More on the cute side but great images ready to use.

    Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Printing Tips

    Halloween is just around the corner and it wouldn't be the same if you didn't carve your own Jack-o-Lantern!  Luckily the other day I met a great fellow squidooer like me on twitter and he shared with me his latest squidoo lens than in turn I'm sharing with you that has an awesome array of pumpkin patterns to give you an idea or just print them and carve.

    Here is his and two other great twitter people that I found with spectacular ideas:

    @nukemdomis: Not another list of free Halloween pumpkin carving patterns

    @delloween: HGTV-Exclusive Pumpkin-Carving Templates

    @americanpapist: Pro-Life Pumpkin

    Now for some printing tips:

    1. Remember that the end product is your pumpkin so be sure to print with black ink on draft mode to save on ink.

    2. Another thing you can consider is using slightly used paper, those that you printed by mistake with a few words or just the date and obviously you recycle for this kind of things.

    3. After you carve your master piece take a picture because your pumpkin won't last for long but a picture last forever!  Now that picture you should print in the best quality possible.

    4.  Now that you took pictures of your Jack O'Latern use them next year for decoration purposes or party invitations.  Great Idea huh?

    Top 5 Sites for Printable Halloween Cards and Invitations

    If you want your invitations to get there on time, and better yet if you want your guest to make it you've got to send the invitations ASAP!. So to give you a hand we found the best Halloween Card and Invitations sites so you can personalize and print with out eating up your spare time. 

    1. - These free printable Halloween cards can be used for just about anybody.  Use them as Halloween printables or as Fall Harvest Festival party invitations.  If you leave all the fields blank, you will have  blank cards   and some can be used as just a simple  Pumpkin Carving Party Invitations or Halloween Party cards.  Choose from several different card makers   and print your own personalized cute Halloween card.   You can also print custom envelopes or blank envelopes to match.
    2. - Halloween Items to Customize, Print, and Color. All of these greeting cards are hand made and custom designed by us while traveling about and at home. Unlike a lot of the common images you'll find at many other sites, we made these ourselves, using our own photos and images. So you can be assured they are only available here.
    3. Mint Printables - Spooky and cute Halloween printable greeting cards. Print the ones you like and send them to friends and family for a unique way to add some spirit to the holiday 
    4. - Here you can find 3 great and unique cards. A witch, for kids and party invitation (see image above). A great choice if you like elaborated cards.
    5. Blue Mountain - Our favorite of all five. Here you can find great cute cards ready to edit and print. But oh yes there is a'll also find Printable Halloween Projects, such as bags, stationary and candy wrappers. What else do you need.
    Warning! Your printer can be cooking up quite a scare if you don't have plenty of ink to satisfy it's thirst! Don't let your printer die this Halloween give it some blood, I mean some ink. Take advantage of our halloween discounts here and save on every ink cartridge and toner cartridge. Be sure we won't kill your pocket..... 

    Print your Own Halloween Mask

    The success of enjoying any holiday is to prepare everything with time. You don't want to be getting things ready the day before or that same day because you'll end up not only paying more but getting what is available and not exactly what you wanted. There are many things to consider to have the perfect Halloween. We are just going to focus on one today. How to print your own Halloween mask. You'll find links to the best places where you'll find ready to print color masks or to color yourself before printing. 

    HP Creative Studio: Obviously Halloween with out Dracula or Frankestein doesn't seem scary enough. HP has this two ready to print masks for you.
    Disney Family Fun: Well you don't necessarily need to be a monster. Superhero masks are a must when thinking about the perfect Halloween party. Here you'll find all you need to be the best superhero of the party.
    Pastiche Family Portal: Has a good collection of masks and also gives you other mask options other than attaching ribbon or strings to it. You'll find printable masks for lion, pinguin face, phantom, mummy, dracula, big bald dude, clown and others.
    Fantasy Jr: My personal favorite site for great and unique masks. You'll find Gizmo Alien, Brain Eating, Monster, Creepy Gargoyle, Lizard Man, Slobering Ogre, Eyed Alien and other very good masks.
    Free Halloween Masks: A bit more on the cute side than scary this masks are perfect for little kids. They have ready to print Lion, Hippo, Crocodile, Bear, Hyena, Elephant and other cute animals. 

    Printing Tips:
    • Make sure you preview your mask before printing. It takes a few minutes more but you'll be sure it is all with in printing borders.
    • Use thick paper. Obviously in order for your mask to hold on through the scary night use cardboard paper.
    • Full color is better than draft mode. Don't try to save ink because the effect will not be the same. If you are taking the time to make your own mask, print it full color all the way.
    • Adding contact paper after printing before adding the strings will make your mask stronger and why not water proof, who knows what might happen during the night, trick or treating can get wet sometimes.


    How to replace Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Cartridge - Video

    Xerox offers a verified color printing technique called solid ink that uses solid sticks (actually they look more like blocks) that basically melt inside the printer. The ink is non-toxic and because it’s solid say good-bye to leaks and carpet stains. The solid ink produces amazing results with the advantage of being environmental friendly and cost-effective.

    A great Xerox solid ink printer is the Xerox Phaser 8550 Printer. Some of the benefits of using Xerox Phaser 8550 ink sticks are:

    • They are easy to use by just dropping them into the printer compartment.
    • Non-toxic and can even be handled by children.
    • Can’t leak and thus are safer and cleaner.
    • More storage space available because ink sticks are small (fit in a desk drawer).
    • Less packing material and waste to enter landfills.

    When you wish to contribute to preserving our planet Earth and take a part in protecting our environment, your printing methods can assist in this greatly. Using a printer that prints with solid ink is a benefit not only to your business and savings along that line, but saves our planet as well.

    The following video shows how to replace the ink stick cartridges on the Phaser 8500 Printer:


    Thanksgiving Printing Tips

    Thanksgiving is usually spent with family and friends getting together for a large meal. It is a time to give thanks for all that they have been given. Canadians give thanks for their good fortune and abundance. There are many ways to give thanks; to begin doing so, everybody here at InkjetSuperstore Canada are very grateful for the many customers that have chosen us to get the best prices on OEM and aftermarket printer ink. As a token of our appreciation we are giving you a 7% discount on all of our ink and toner cartridges.

    There are many ways to give thanks; to begin doing so, everybody here at InkjetSuperstore are very grateful for the many customers that have chosen us to get the best prices on OEM and aftermarket printer ink. As a token of our appreciation we are giving you a 7% discount on all of our ink and toner cartridges.

    Because we want you to take the time to be thankful and take advantage of all the printer ink you can stock up on for the holiday season, the following are some excellent printable ideas, crafts and recipe sites we recommend. To make life even easier, check out some useful information on top-selling cartridges and the latest printer news to take advantage of your 7% discount.

    Thanksgiving Printable Sites:

    Kaboose : This October, take some time to enjoy our Thanksgiving index which includes delicious recipes, great crafts for the kids and printable fun!

    Disney Family Fun : Get 18 Classic Dessert recipes such as Maple Heaven Pear Pie and Chocolate Pumpkin Pie mmmmh delicious!

    Printer and Cartridge Hot Items!

    New HP Photosmart eStation Printer - C510 - Ink Cartridge Info

    Back in ancient days people wrote on stone tablets or wood tablets now people can print with their own portable tablets thanks to HP's new Photosmart eStation Printer. Now you can print, scan and copy but instead of the standard LCD control panel you have a detachable tablet and on top use it for other purposes such as web browsing and access to the latest e-book bestsellers or old favorites, using the wireless touchscreen.

    Epson New Mobile Printing App—PrintJinni for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
    To grant real printing wishes PrintJinni the new printing application from Epson makes it possible for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users to print via e-mail Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and JPEG files.

    Samsung SCX6320D8 Toner Cartridge Review for the Samsung SCX-6120 Printer
    When you want your Samsung SCX-6120 printer turning out incredible printing results, just get the Samsung SCX6320D8 black laser toner cartridge. You won’t be disappointed! You’ll find you get high quality and professional printouts with this great toner cartridge along with reliability and precision.

    Epson S189108 Ink Cartridge Review
    Of course you want really clear and crisp printing results with your Epson printer. When you want the best, you should get the Epson S189108 black inkjet cartridge. You discover professional print jobs with complete reliability and precision. And this is what it’s all about!

    Fuser Installation for Lexmark C750 Series, C760 Series and X752e MFP
    Fuser Installation video and cartridge review for the Lexmark C750 and C760 Laser Printer Series as well as the X752e and X7526e Multi-Function Laser Printers.


    Discounts on HP Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges

    This week InkJetSuperstore provided HP printer users with the very best discounts. On top of our already low everyday prices, we are offering you a 10% discount coupon on HP aftermarket alternatives.

    Keeping up with HP printer innovations, we strive to keep our stock of remanufactured and original cartridges updated and in stock. The following are new HP Ink Cartridges here at Inkjetsuperstore:

    HP Photosmart Remanufactured Black Inkjet Cartridge (CB316WN)(HP 564)
    • A very sought-for cartridge. You can print approximately 250 pages. What makes this a great purchase is the one-year money back guarantee. We make sure our Inkjetsuperstore brand cartridges are remanufactured under ISO-9001 certification standards. This cartridge can be used in at least 17 different HP Photosmart printers.

    HP Officejet 6500 AIO Remanufactured Black Inkjet Cartidge (HP 920)(CD971AN)

    • All-In-One OfficeJet Printers use this cartridge to deliver approximately 300 crisp and colorful printouts. The #1 Inkjet Printer for 2010 is the HP Officejet Pro 8000, which happens to use the HP 920 Black ink cartridge.
    To make the package complete also get HP Officejet alternative cartridges for colour printing with the Cyan Inkjet Cartridge (HP 920), the Magenta Inkjet Cartidge (HP 920) and the Yellow Inkjet Cartidge (HP 920) Some of the HP printers that use the above mentioned ink cartridges are:
    OfficeJet 6000
    OfficeJet 6000 Wireless
    OfficeJet 6500
    OfficeJet 7000
    OfficeJet Pro 6500
    OfficeJet Pro 6500 Wireless

    The Addmaster Inkjet Printers specialize in banking peripherals using HP ink cartridges. Some printers include: Receipt and Validation printers, MICR Readers, and Check Image scanners. This company was the first to introduce HP inkjet technology to the Bank Teller Application in 1989 and has become the industry leader since, with over 250,000 printers installed.

    The ink cartridges for the HP Addmaster Printers are:

    • HP Addmaster IJ6000 Remanufactured Black Inkjet Cartridge (C6602A)
    • HP Addmaster IJ6000 Remanufactured Green Inkjet Cartridge (C6602G)
    • HP Addmaster IJ6000 Remanufactured Blue Inkjet Cartridge (C6602B)
    • HP Addmaster IJ6000 Remanufactured Red Inkjet Cartridge (C6602R)

    More on HP

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