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Canadians Can Get Ready for Black Friday all Week with Inkjetsuperstore's 7% Off Sale

Preparing for Black Friday with a 7% Discount on all Ink and Toner Cartridges is a must. Discount applies on all OEM and aftermarket alternative cartridges.

Vancouver, BC (Vocus/PRWEB) November 23, 2010 

Inkjetsuperstore aims to help customers on their Black Friday shopping experience by lowering their prices on Ink and Toner cartridges for the entire week and not only on Friday. "We know that Friday will be a day to go out and shop, the last thing people need is to be worried about printer ink." said Sheila Samson from the Inkjetsuperstore Canada corporate office. "Also preparing previously by printing coupons and shopping list along with maps will make the entire experience less stressful" continued Sheila.

Inkjetsuperstore Canada provides year long savings on Ink and Toner cartridges for all mayor printer manufacturers such as HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Brother, Canon, and Epson to name a few. They have a complete stock of OEM cartridges. They brand their own line of compatible and remanufactured printer ink that has a full year money back warranty with ISO-9001 Certified products.
Some ideas to make Black Friday go as smooth as possible is to previously prepare by making a list of gifts, items needed to be purchased and such. Print coupons to reap on the savings. Make a shopping route and print maps to know alternative routes and avoid being held up in traffic. 

About Inkjetsuperstore Canada

InkjetSuperstore Canada is an online reseller of ink cartridges delivering to all Canadian territory. They offer remanufactured, compatible, and OEM cartridges from all major brands. Over 700.000 people have choosen them for their ink and toner needs. InkjetSuperstore Canada backs all their remanufactured products with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. To purchase right now go to



Discover What Type of Photo Printer User You Are

Not all types of photo printers are alike and that goes as well to the users. In order to get the best printer for the job choose what type of user you feel most identified with and that would give you the type of printer to use.

The Die-hard Scrapbooker:

If you print endless photos for your scrapbooks, calendars, and photo magnets or any crafts involving pictures the best option is what manufacturers consider a home printer or small business printer. You should consider separate cartridge printers thus saving on ink cost because you only replace what you need. Inkjet printers are proposed for this type of users.

What to look for:
Resolution: 4,800 x 1,200dpi (inkjet)
Ink drop volumes: 1.5 - 4picolitres (inkjet)
Print speeds: 20ppm (monochrome), 20ppm (color)
Extras: Direct connectivity to digital cameras; wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, flash memory readers; pigment inks, separate ink cartridges.
Price range: S$200 to S$600.

The Artist and Business Owner:

If you are planning to use your photo printing for commercial purposes or you are professional graphic designer or photographer you need to use more specialized types of photo printers. Printers for this type of users are manufactured in such a way that are faster and optimized to do sophisticated dithering schemes and have six-color inks for good image quality.

What to look for:
Resolution: 5,760 x 1,440dpi (inkjet); 300dpi (dye-sub)
Ink drop volumes: 1 - 3picolitres (inkjet)
Print speeds: 90 seconds for photo prints
Extras: Direct connectivity to digital cameras; LCD preview screen; flash memory readers; pigment inks; A3-size prints; separate ink cartridges.
Price range: S$450 to S$1,800.

On the Road Photo Printer.

Just as much as you like to take photographs of fantastic places you prefer to print instantly and share. To be able to take your printer with you the unit must be small enough to travel with you. Mobil printers offer features such as battery pack and bluetooth. The finished product is similar to home printers but with the advantage of the printing flexibility they offer.

Resolution: 4,800 x 1,200dpi (inkjet)
Ink drop volumes: 2picolitres (inkjet)
Print speeds: 8ppm (monochrome), 7ppm (color)
Extras: Direct connectivity to digital cameras; pigment inks; Bluetooth support; IrDA support.
Price range: S$350 to S$700.

So what type of user are you? 



How to Fix Back Cover Open Error Message From Brother DCP 7020 Printer

Answering a readers request to solve the following Error problem: "My Brother DCP 7020 laser printer won't work. It keeps saying the back cover is open, please close it. But the cover is closed! What's up with that? "

If the Brother DCP 7020 was turned off and then turned on again with a paper jam in the back of the machine, you’ll find a message in the LCD saying: “Back Cove Open”. So in order to solve the problem follow this steps:

Step 1: Open the front cover
Step 2: Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
Step 3: Open the back cover.
Step 4: Pull the tab toward you to open the rear chute cover.
Step 5: Pull the paper jammed inside out of the fuser unit. If by any chance it cannot be pulled out easily, push down the tab with one hand as you gently pull out the paper with the other hand.
Step 6: Close the back cover.
Step 7: Insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back inside.
Step 8: Close the front cover.

This should clear the error message, but in case it is not power off the Brother DCP 7020 laser printer.

Note: This message may appear even if you don’t have a paper jam. The reason is that you probably installed a new toner cartridge or drum unit wrong. So reinstall your toner cartridge and or drum unit properly.

However obviously that might not clear the problem completely so here is another thing you can try….

There is a black guide plate that opens partially when you open the back door, there's a sensor flag on that cover that goes through the right side to a sensor, the arm on the guide needs to move freely, and the flag on the right must pass through the sensor inside a hole on the right... so go back to the back door and try to look for the sensor, it has a small lever that goes back and fort check if it is not misaligned.