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Winter Olympics are Here

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games started today. These are Inkjetsuperstore Canada first winter olympics! 

We want you to enjoy to the fullest by giving you 5% discount on every ink and toner cartridge so you can print your schedule, reports, maps to get to the events, scores, statistics and much more.

Learn how to take full advantage of the Olympics and of your new cartridges visit our blog for the entire Olympic period to get great printing ideas, tips and discounts of course. 


Google Street View Helps You be Part of the Winter Olimpics

Canada is a couple of days away from starting the Winter Olympics dream. But many of us will never know what it feels like to win the gold medal, what do they see when going down the slopes, well thanks to Google's Street View you will be able to "see the same view down the mountain as a world-class skier about to push off on their quest for gold". 

Google shared this with us:
You'll find images from the along the Dave Murray Downhill (site of the men's alpine skiing event), from the top of the 7th Heaven Chairlift on Blackcomb, and from the peak of Whistler.

Google let's you be part of the Winter Olimpics several ways.  You can use the Street View as we told you before, you can watch Youtube for videos of the games, Google news will be constantly giving you the minute to minute info on the events and much more.  Don't worry it is all in on place ready for you to use "Get Inside the Games Using Google Maps

This is Inkjetsuperstore Canada first winter olympic games! Get 5% discount on every ink and toner cartridge so you can print your schedule, reports, maps to get to the events, scores, statistics and much more.   Visit us now!


Save Ink When You Print Web Pages

Printing web page content is one sure way to waste ink and along with that money. Because Web pages have big images and usually don’t fit into a regular size paper you end up printing unwanted text or images. Reason why this week’s printing tip talks about printing utilities that will help you choose what you want to print along with saving your printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge for a longer period of time.



The Truth About Ink Cartridges

Printer ink can be found in 3 main forms. Liquid ink that is found in printer ink cartridges, powder ink that is found in laser toner cartridges and lastly the new wax or solid ink used in Xerox printers and the topic of a previous newsletter “The Truth about Ink Sticks and Solid Ink”.  Today the spotlight is on Ink Cartridges and their truth.  Can you handle the truth?  

The ink cartridge is the component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink and that needs to be replaced once the ink runs out they are probably the most expensive part of owning and running a printer.  There are two kinds of inkjet systems:

The thermal inkjet system holds the ink in partitions it could be one, two, or more depending on the type of printer. The ink is inside a reservoir along a heating element with a small metal plate or resistor. When you send the order to print the resistor heats up through a small current and the ink right next to it vaporizes into a very small air bubble and goes into the nozzle. Then the nozzle gets filled with bubbles they push a droplet out and it goes from the nozzle to the paper, and that is all done faster than it took you to read the explanation.

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Tips on Printing Business Cards

Any business wants to save money on printing and supplies. It’s common sense. The more you save, the greater your profit. One way you can save is by printing your own business cards. But quality is a major concern, so read on to find out some ways to assure the professional quality of your cards.

Tip 1- Whatever paper stock you purchase for your business cards, ensure you only buy quality stock. Cheap paper stock will defeat the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish here – professional business cards that will impress those who receive them and are a good representation of your business.

Tip 2 - When you go to pick out your business card stock, however, remember that using glossy paper or magnetic paper in a laser printer may damage your printer. Ensure your stock is compatible with your printer type.

Tip 3 - Where a card with a blank background will be cheaper and take less ink to print, for the nicest cards it’s best to have a photo or color logo picture on the card. If you do include a photo with gradient colors, you should use glossy paper for printing. This makes the output look much better. (But don’t use that glossy paper with your laser printer.)

Tip 4 -Be sure to calibrate your printer before printing. Otherwise the rows can end up slightly offset as they come out. Use the Scale Field in the calibration process to assist in avoiding this problem.

Tip 5 - Using high quality ink or toner is of great benefit in the printing process, too. Use OEM models, compatible models or remanufactured toners and ink cartridges. Don’t try to refill your cartridges yourself. This will end in disaster. offers high quality ink and toner cartridges to help you get professional results from your printer. All our products are backed by a full one-year warranty against defects. We know our toner and ink cartridges will help you print professional business cards that will promote your products or services.


The Truth About Xerox Ink Sticks and Solid Ink

One question keeps coming up…..Ink Sticks or Solid Ink vs. Laser Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges; is there much difference? Well for the sake of argument we’d like to feature the truth about Xerox Solid Ink and set the stage for the Truth about Laser Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges for future weeks.

Solid Ink, what is it?

Xerox offers a verified color printing technique called solid ink that uses solid sticks (actually they look more like blocks) that basically melt inside the printer. The ink is non-toxic and because it’s solid say good-bye to leaks and carpet stains. The solid ink produces amazing results with the advantage of being environmental friendly and cost-effective.

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Where to find FREE photos

A photograph is an image created by collecting and focusing reflected electromagnetic radiation. The most common photographs are those created of reflected visible wavelengths, producing permanent records of what the human eye can see.

Photos and images can be used to illustrate websites, decorate you home or office, create advertising posters, flyers, postcards and any other promotional material, create unique interior designs, illustrate books, CD covers and booklets, illustrate magazine articles and covers or newspapers, create wrappings for different products, create posters, create company presentations and the list can go on and on.


Cleaning Your Brother Printer

Keeping your Brother Printer clean will keep it operational and save on repairs. Cleaning your printer will also keep it looking nice! Print the best documents you can and maintain quality printouts of all kinds when your printer is in the best condition possible.

It’s easy to clean. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Unplug the printer.
  2. Get a soft dry cloth, some glass cleaner, some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Remove the paper tray and wipe the whole outside of the printer with the dry cloth. When finished, reinstall the paper tray.
  4. Lift the document cover and wipe the glass and all the white plastic with a cloth moistened with the glass cleaner. Wipe the glass in circular motions.
  5. Open the “jam clear cover” at the back of the printer.
  6.  Find the roller in the top area and clean this with a cotton swab moistened with the isopropyl alcohol. Then close that cover.
  7. 7. You’re done. Plug the printer back in and you are set to go.

You’ll be happy to know that you have just saved time and money in future repairs. You can save more money by purchasing your ink cartridges at We have OEM, Compatible and Remanufactured cartridges that are guaranteed to please. And all at incredible savings! For all of our Brother printer users we have a 5% discount on every Brother remanufactured inkjet cartridge or toner cartridge. Buy now!