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How to Carve your On Jack-o-Lantern

Halloween is just around the corner. No Halloween is complete without jack-o-lantern. This year make your kids’ Halloween extra special by carving pumpkins with them. Carving pumpkins is fun and wills surely create lasting memories. Get your carving knives and your printers ready for this happy Halloween treat.

What you need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving knives (there are kid friendly carving knives available both online and at craft      stores)
  • Stencils

How to:

  1. The first step in making jack-o-lanterns is by selecting the perfect pumpkin. Pumpkins are available at farmers’ markets or any local supermarket. Make sure you select good quality pumpkin. Good pumpkins should not have nicks, bruises and cuts. Look for pumpkins with sturdy stems. It should not be too bendable. Look for pumpkins with even color.

Remember most pumpkins rot in a week or less so buy your pumpkins just a few days before Halloween.

  1. Print out your stencil.

  1. Using a marker trace your stencil onto the pumpkin.

  1. Cut a lid on top of the pumpkin.

  1. Scrape off the pumpkin filling to make the pumpkin hallow.

  1. Using carving knives, carve the pumpkin.

Here are a few stencils you can use. All you have to do is make sure you have enough printer ink and hit the print button. Because you'll be cutting off the shaded parts, change the printer settings to draft mode and save ink.  To save even more use recycled or used paper because you'll be throwing away the stencils after you finish. 

One more of our favorite choices. 

For these printable patterns and more visit:


Summer Printer Maintenance Tips

Printers are built for reliability. HP Printers, Lexmark Printers, Canon Printers and all major printer manufacturers make them to last. But if you don’t perform common sense maintenance actions, your printer can fail you when you need it most.  Summer printing must come out perfect; reason why we wanted to share four ways you can perform standard maintenance on your printer to ensure it operates at its best:

  1. Make sure the print heads are aligned. When the nozzles are all pointing in the right direction, the ink gets to the right place. When you get grid-like patterns on your printouts, or white lines repeating through the text, your print heads are out of alignment. Most print heads can be fixed in their alignment by following instructions in the owner’s manual for your printer. You can also go to the website of your printer’s manufacturer for help.
  2. Clean the ink nozzle on your printer. Again, with the ink nozzle clogged or obstructed, ink won’t get to the paper correctly. Most printers have a Maintenance or Services tab in the printer software toolbox, and should have a “clean print cartridges” option. Follow the instructions here to clean the nozzles.
  3. Ensure the carriage rods operate smoothly. Sometimes you may notice a loud chattering noise or hear a grinding when the carriage moves from side to side. What is needed is to clean the slider rods, and lubricate them as well. Just turn your printer off, access that assembly and wipe the carriage rails with a lint-free cloth and warm water. Dry off the rails, and then add one tiny drop of synthetic oil to the carriage rails. You can wipe the oil so each side of the carriage rail is lubricated. (For the correct oil and more detailed instructions, see your owner’s manual.)
  4. Update your printer drivers. When you update your printer driver, you will ensure your printer operates correctly. You will also get the latest features for your printer from the manufacturer. Simply go to the website of the manufacturer in order to find the driver you need according to the operating system you have on your computer. There you’ll find directions to download and install.
Of course, using the correct ink and toner cartridges is important to get high quality printouts. You can be assured that compatible and remanufactured cartridges will work just fine in your printer as long as they are manufactured with integrity and high standards.

Summer Printables for Kids Links to Know

Home printers will get lot's of little fingerprints on them during the summer with the following Top Free sites where you will find great printable ideas, crafts, coloring pages, reading books, even play money to print and pay all the Barbie expenses during the summer and boy do they add up. To make it easier we choose the best 5 places to get fun projects and pages ready to print.

Keeping the making your life easier theme just click HERE to go straight to our home page to find the lowest prices on ink and toner cartridges ink and toner cartridges. The success of your kids summer printing is to have ink available when needed. We guarantee the lowest prices on most popular printers from HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, and more.  If you want to save even more use remanufactured or compatible cartridges that have the same page yield of OEM cartridges but cost up to 70% less sometimes. 

Here is our list of Top Free Kids Printable Sites:

Free Stuff 4 Kids - Excellent variety of printable projects, downloads, printables and much more. 

Printables4Kids - The name says it all, this site features coloring pages, math worksheets, mazes, pencil fun, word scramble and much more.

ABC Teach -  Because summer can also be used to study in a fun way this site has over 38,000 pages of printable worksheets, with more materials added each week!

Woo Jr - Kids Activities, Crafts, Printable Ideas, Games and Worksheets.

Cartoon Jr - Are you a fan of Disney, Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network? This is the site to get printable and games from your favorite cartoon characters.


How to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges during Festivities

During festivities the last thing you think about is recycling in any and all its forms. Learn some recycling tips, ideas not only for cartridges but for other stuff in all important festivities such as St. Patrick’s this week. Take advantage of the green wave by saving 10% off on all remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges at InkjetSuperStore Canada.

Why recycling is so important during festivities? Usually a festivity brings along a celebration and every party brings along a lot of extra “garbage” that most could be recycled if we take precautions beforehand in the party preparation stages. As you know we focus on the printing and printer accessories part of life.

Recycling is a lifestyle and it should be done before, during and after any festivity the following are some steps to be green and save.
  • 1. Turn your computer off when not in use.
  • 2. Turn your printer off when not in use.
  • 3. Buy bulk products to reduce waste produced by excess packaging.
  • 4. Plan you printing – Invitations, shopping list, maps etc.
  • 5. Recycle paper and make phone message pads.
  • 6. Print with remanufactured or compatible cartridges.
  • 7. Recycle invitations, cards and post cards and used them for scrap booking or other craft ideas.
  • 8. Make a party list and print coupons to save before the party
  • 9. Recycle any plastic you might have used such as cups, plates, decorations etc.
  • 10. Make eco-friendly party decorations and gifts

Recycling and reusing must be on everyone’s agenda by now and it is very important for printer manufacturers to provide consumers with innovative and practical ways to be able to recycle their cartridges. Most original ink and toner brands such as HP, Brother and Lexmark have recycling options for their original cartridges.

Obviously it is wise to note that recycling for them is not all for the love of the environment. They have a great deal to gain from recycling their own cartridges in many ways. But regardless of that the not so altruistic motive does help to keep a green stand on printing accessories so be it. 


Print for Less with Discounts on Laser Printer Accessories

A closer look inside your laser printer! Learn what makes it tick and print and take advantage of our iconic archive of articles and links for different top selling laser printer accessories. Our goal at InkjetSuperStore is not only to provide you with printing materials but to give you the valuable information for their best use and care.

What is a toner cartridge?

A toner cartridge is the device needed by laser printers to hold the special type of ink used. Copy machines have a similar type of cartridge and both hold a special dry, powdery substance called toner. The toner is electrically charged to adhere to a drum unit, plate or paper (depending on the printer model) that has been also electrically charged with the opposite polarity. These type of cartridges hold large quantity of powder allowing to print thousands of pages with one cartridge.

How does a toner cartridge work?

A toner cartridge is used in the laser printer process. The toner is the ink used by copy machines and laser printers. The toner cartridge has a rigid plastic housing that has graphite and the ink powder, a metal fuser roller and a synthetic felt wand; it is replaceable, recyclable, and reusable. You can find OEM toner cartridges as well as remanufactured or compatible cartridges for every laser printer. 

Read More on drum units, and maintenance kits at Inkjetsuperstore Newsletter Articles. 


March Madness 10% Discount on Aftermarket Printer Ink Plus Printer Cleaning Tips

When March comes along we should begin to get ready for spring and so should your printer. Just as much as we need to get ready for a new season and weather you can increase the life span of your printer by performing regular maintenance and cleaning routines. Make sure you spring clean your printer and Save 10% on remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges for all Canadian users to start March with the best step forward.

With a printer it is a given that you have to clean and maintain it to keep it running smooth. They get dirty and when they do the stop performing in optimal conditions. You should clean it regularly to make your machine last.

The following are some basic cleaning steps:

  • First, turn off your printer and unplug it. You don’t want any shocks during this process.
  • When you open the document cover you see the platen glass. If this is smudged, you will get print and scan jobs that aren’t up to snuff. Just use a clean white cloth that is lint-free and moisten it with a little bit of water. You don’t want to use paper towels or tissues because they leave behind particles on the glass and printer parts.
  • Wipe the glass clean using a circular motion, and then turn to the document cover. Wipe this clean too, with the same type of moistened clean white cloth. Two other parts you’ll need to clean are the transparent sheet inside and the inside of the document feeder.
  • Now open the back of the printer. Using a can of compressed air spray out all the particles and dust in there. Make sure you look for any jammed paper and take out any large pieces of debris.

Remember, you can keep your printer working for a longer period of time by practicing this on a regular basis. You can also save money, because you won’t have to take it in for repair as often, if ever.


Give Your Printer some TLC for Valentines! Ink Saving Tips

Happy Valentines Day from it is our wish you spend a wonderful day.  Take advantage of our week long Valentine's Special with a 10% discount on remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges.

We all need TLC to keep working happily and properly right? Is your printer any different? Nope!! If you take care of your printer by saving ink with proper printing habits, keep it tip top shape with maintenance tasks and then print some great things…You’ll printer will love you FOREVER! The following is a complete TLC guide for your printer.

3 Ink Saving Tips you can give your printer for Valentine's

1) Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is nothing other than printing on both sides of the paper; it is also known as double-sided printing and two-sided printing. By taking advantage of the paper from both sides this type of printing option allows you to save up to 50% on paper use. Saving paper use has its advantages, lowers the cost of your printing, and saves the environment by utilizing resources to the fullest.

2) Use ink saving tools

One major goal we have at Inkjetsuperstore is to help you save! ...Save money by offering you low prices, save time by giving you an easy to use cartridge finder tool as well as shipping immediately to help you get your printer ink as soon as possible.

3) Web Printing Ink Saving is a Must

Printing Web page content is one sure way to waste ink along with money. Because Web pages have big images and usually don’t fit into a regular size paper you end up printing unwanted text or images. Reason why we got some printing tip about printing utilities that will help you choose what you want to print along while saving your ink cartridge or toner cartridge for a longer period of time.