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March Madness 10% Discount on Aftermarket Printer Ink Plus Printer Cleaning Tips

When March comes along we should begin to get ready for spring and so should your printer. Just as much as we need to get ready for a new season and weather you can increase the life span of your printer by performing regular maintenance and cleaning routines. Make sure you spring clean your printer and Save 10% on remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges for all Canadian users to start March with the best step forward.

With a printer it is a given that you have to clean and maintain it to keep it running smooth. They get dirty and when they do the stop performing in optimal conditions. You should clean it regularly to make your machine last.

The following are some basic cleaning steps:

  • First, turn off your printer and unplug it. You don’t want any shocks during this process.
  • When you open the document cover you see the platen glass. If this is smudged, you will get print and scan jobs that aren’t up to snuff. Just use a clean white cloth that is lint-free and moisten it with a little bit of water. You don’t want to use paper towels or tissues because they leave behind particles on the glass and printer parts.
  • Wipe the glass clean using a circular motion, and then turn to the document cover. Wipe this clean too, with the same type of moistened clean white cloth. Two other parts you’ll need to clean are the transparent sheet inside and the inside of the document feeder.
  • Now open the back of the printer. Using a can of compressed air spray out all the particles and dust in there. Make sure you look for any jammed paper and take out any large pieces of debris.

Remember, you can keep your printer working for a longer period of time by practicing this on a regular basis. You can also save money, because you won’t have to take it in for repair as often, if ever.

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