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How Does a Laser Printer Work?

We celebrated on May 16th the 50th Anniversary of the birth of Laser.  "Along with the integrated circuit, the laser has been the most revolutionary technology of the last 50 years." 1. 

Lasers are part of our daily lives, from your CD and DVD player to laser surgery to heal cancer, erase wrinkles and the possibility of reading this post because Internet basically is more than a million lasers. 

For us at Inkjetsuperstore Canada the most important way lasers have been used is in Laser Printers obviously. How does the laser printing process work?

  1. Inserting the paper into the laser printer and send out the printing order at that moment the drum surface is charged positively while the drum rotates. 
  2. A laser beam sends a light onto the drum surface during the rotation, and then the area exposed to the laser beam forms an electrostatic image to be printed. 
  3. The toner particles are charged and then attracted to the electrostatic image on the drum.  
  4. While this is happening the paper is passing through the drum where it receives negative charges causing the toner to stick to it from the drum surface to the paper. 
  5. Once the image is transferred to the paper by the static electricity it is fixed into it by heat and pressure given by the heat roller and the pressure roller within the fuser assembly  
As a tribute to lasers and laser printers we want you to know everything you can about our top selling Laser cartridges.  Here are Inkjetsuperstore Canada most purchased toners. 

1Tim Holt, head of the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland