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Summer Splash - Printer Cleaning Tips

Summer can mean two things for printers either too much printing from vacationers or no printing at all!  But your printer needs some TLC during the summer and deserves a refreshing cleaning to keep it working top notch.  

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The following are some cleaning tips for your Inkjet and Laser printer:

  • Make sure the print heads are aligned. When the nozzles are all pointing in the right direction, the ink gets to the right place. When you get grid-like patterns on your printouts, or white lines repeating through the text, your print heads are out of alignment. Most print heads can be fixed in their alignment by following instructions in the owner’s manual for your printer. You can also go to the website of your printer’s manufacturer for help.
  • Clean the ink nozzle on your printer. Again, with the ink nozzle clogged or obstructed, ink won’t get to the paper correctly. Most printers have a Maintenance or Services tab in the printer software toolbox, and should have a “clean print cartridges” option.
  •  Wondering how to clean your print head? We gather a step by step guide just for you.

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