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Fall Season is Here! -Free Shipping on Printer Ink

Fall Season is Here!!! We at Inkjetsuperstore want to give you a gift and pick up the tab on shipping. FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders starts on Wednesday Sep 22th and ends Sunday Sep 26th. Along with leaves falling when the new season arrives there will be plenty of price discounts and promotional sales on all brands of ink and toner cartridges. We have some hot coupon printing tips and to help you save money on everyone’s favorite hobby “Shopping”.

Hot Coupon Printing Tips

Tip 1) Printer Settings – Most if not all Internet printable coupons are accepted in black in white at the store but are not necessarily shown that way when ready to print. Change your printer settings to save on printer ink not only asking it to print black and white only but also change to draft mode, or fast print depending on the type of printer.

Tip 2) Internet Settings – Printable Coupon sites often have pop up windows asking to download due to high security settings of your browser make sure to allow pop up windows when expecting to print coupons.

Tip 3) Paper Savings- Because more than likely you wont be able to save coupons in your computer for later printing or editing purposes every time you print one you will use a new piece of paper. You can save by either by cutting the coupon and reinserting the unused paper back to the tray (be careful because it might cause a paper jam) or change the side of the paper to print another coupon on the other side.

Tip 4) Printer Ink – The worst thing you can do is run out of ink when printing your coupons so take advantage of this weekend free shipping sale and restock on your printers ink cartridges or toner cartridges. 

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