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How to Print Great Photos of Your Pet

Purrfect Pet Portraits Tips:  Your pet is part of your family and as such you must take and print excellent photographs to cherish them forever. Great prints highly depend upon the ink. Find out what takes to have the perfect pet portraits.

Pet Photo Printing Tips: 
  1. Use Photo Printing Paper - The reason it is important to use photo printing paper is that it will guarantee excellent results on color and it diminishes the possibility of fading quickly.
  2. Remove the Photos from Printer Immediately - This tip is important when printing more than one picture at a time ensuring you that you won't have accidents like smearing or running.
  3. Let Prints Dry - A common mistake is to quickly use the recently printing photos on the project at hand, either to frame them, put them on an album etc. A reasonable amount of time to let photos dry is 24 hours.
  4. Buy printer ink in Packs or more than 1 cartridge - The most common photo printing slip-up is to run out of ink when printing your favorite picture. Getting more than one cartridge allows you to continue with your project with out having to wait for printer ink to arrive. Remember that when you purchase from Inkjetsuperstore you only pay a one time shipping fee regardless of the number of cartridges you get.
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