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The Truth About Ink Cartridges

Printer ink can be found in 3 main forms. Liquid ink that is found in printer ink cartridges, powder ink that is found in laser toner cartridges and lastly the new wax or solid ink used in Xerox printers and the topic of a previous newsletter “The Truth about Ink Sticks and Solid Ink”.  Today the spotlight is on Ink Cartridges and their truth.  Can you handle the truth?  

The ink cartridge is the component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink and that needs to be replaced once the ink runs out they are probably the most expensive part of owning and running a printer.  There are two kinds of inkjet systems:

The thermal inkjet system holds the ink in partitions it could be one, two, or more depending on the type of printer. The ink is inside a reservoir along a heating element with a small metal plate or resistor. When you send the order to print the resistor heats up through a small current and the ink right next to it vaporizes into a very small air bubble and goes into the nozzle. Then the nozzle gets filled with bubbles they push a droplet out and it goes from the nozzle to the paper, and that is all done faster than it took you to read the explanation.

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