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Tips on Printing Business Cards

Any business wants to save money on printing and supplies. It’s common sense. The more you save, the greater your profit. One way you can save is by printing your own business cards. But quality is a major concern, so read on to find out some ways to assure the professional quality of your cards.

Tip 1- Whatever paper stock you purchase for your business cards, ensure you only buy quality stock. Cheap paper stock will defeat the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish here – professional business cards that will impress those who receive them and are a good representation of your business.

Tip 2 - When you go to pick out your business card stock, however, remember that using glossy paper or magnetic paper in a laser printer may damage your printer. Ensure your stock is compatible with your printer type.

Tip 3 - Where a card with a blank background will be cheaper and take less ink to print, for the nicest cards it’s best to have a photo or color logo picture on the card. If you do include a photo with gradient colors, you should use glossy paper for printing. This makes the output look much better. (But don’t use that glossy paper with your laser printer.)

Tip 4 -Be sure to calibrate your printer before printing. Otherwise the rows can end up slightly offset as they come out. Use the Scale Field in the calibration process to assist in avoiding this problem.

Tip 5 - Using high quality ink or toner is of great benefit in the printing process, too. Use OEM models, compatible models or remanufactured toners and ink cartridges. Don’t try to refill your cartridges yourself. This will end in disaster. offers high quality ink and toner cartridges to help you get professional results from your printer. All our products are backed by a full one-year warranty against defects. We know our toner and ink cartridges will help you print professional business cards that will promote your products or services.


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