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Google Street View Helps You be Part of the Winter Olimpics

Canada is a couple of days away from starting the Winter Olympics dream. But many of us will never know what it feels like to win the gold medal, what do they see when going down the slopes, well thanks to Google's Street View you will be able to "see the same view down the mountain as a world-class skier about to push off on their quest for gold". 

Google shared this with us:
You'll find images from the along the Dave Murray Downhill (site of the men's alpine skiing event), from the top of the 7th Heaven Chairlift on Blackcomb, and from the peak of Whistler.

Google let's you be part of the Winter Olimpics several ways.  You can use the Street View as we told you before, you can watch Youtube for videos of the games, Google news will be constantly giving you the minute to minute info on the events and much more.  Don't worry it is all in on place ready for you to use "Get Inside the Games Using Google Maps

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