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Christmas Cards Printing Tips

Continuing with our Christmas Countdown learn the best tips to print the best Holiday cards this season. Nowadays you can find many Christmas Card Templates online this article is aimed at giving you the ins and outs of card printing. Are you ready? Let's start:

Tip 1: Pick the Right Paper - The secret to printing the best card to look store bought is to get greeting card paper stocks that are 14-point gloss cover stock. The 13-point recycled matte, which has a softer sheen for a more thoughtful approach and is also eco-friendly to satisfy your green agenda.

Tip 2: Printer Settings and Draft- The secret to perfect printing is making sure your printing settings and printer mode have been correctly adjusted once that is set then print a draft card on regular paper or used paper to make sure the margins are fine and ready to print.

Tip 3: Printer Ink- After doing the previous steps the last thing you need to make sure is that you have plenty of ink to print your Christmas cards. How do you know how much printer ink you have left? Most printers have a servicing option and also the ability to tell the "estimate ink level" check your printer manual for more info.

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