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Photo Printing Most Common Mistakes

Printing Photos yourself means instant gratification and you can print what you want, when you want. BUT yes of course there are common mistakes that sometimes cost you more than if you had send the pictures to print professionally.

Knowing what those common mistakes are is very important because that gives you a head start on how to avoid them and thus print perfect photos. Before we start it is important to remember that great photos are proportional to the type and amount of printer ink available for printing. To avoid photo printing mistakes rule number one is to have plenty of ink on your ink cartridge and toner cartridge .

Getting back to our main topic. The most common mistakes people make when printing their photos are:

1. Low Resolution - The way an image looks on screen could be nice but have very low resolution which will in turn print poorly on photo paper.

2. Wrong Size - A very common mistake is using the wrong size paper for the photo size you are printing.

3. Wrong Side - Printing on the wrong side of the paper is a very common and costly mistake. Photo paper is not know for it's cheap cost.

4. No Test Print - Just because it looks good in the screen it doesn't mean its going to come out exactly that way. Always do a test print in draft mode on a regular paper or recycled paper.

5. Printing on High Resolution - HP printers , some Canon printers and Lexmark printers have an option not to choose Photo Paper at the time of printing. If you choose that what happens basically is the printer uses up your black ink cartridge. What should happen is that when choosing the Photo Paper option the printer uses a black created by mixing the other colors or in some Canon printers using the alternative black which is a dye ink and not a pigmented ink.

6. No INK - LIke we said before a very common mistake could be not enough ink or clogged print heads make it impossible to print perfect photos.

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