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Tips to Save time when Printing

We know that time is money and we want to give you along with great savings on ink & toner cartridges, ways to save on time. Because we don't always need to print on draft mode or printing pictures is an exception rather than the rule. The question then is; Do you find yourself adjusting your printer settings a lot? If your answer is yes, then we've got a great tip for you!

Instead of changing settings back and forth all the time, install your printer a second time - with different settings. Once you do that all you need to do is select the version that you need from the print dialog box. It is definitely a lot faster.Here are the steps:

1) To install your printer twice, just go to the Printers folder under your Start button, Settings, Printers (for XP users under Control Panel)

2) Click the Add Printer icon and install the printer as you normally would. You should be able to pick your printer from the list the wizard provides and not look for it all around your driver disks.

IMPORTANT - you can install the same printer twice without any problems.

3) When it comes time to name the printer give it a different name, probably more descriptive like "Draft HP" or "Color HP" and you can rename the original printer if you like.

4) Last but not least, while you're still in the Printers folder, put in your custom settings for each printer by Right-clicking the printer you want to modify and selecting Properties from the resulting menu. This is where you set the printers up for color, draft, etc. The procedure varies from printer to printer, but it's never to hard.

5) Printing time!

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