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What type of images print the best?

It is well know that what looks great on your monitor doesn’t necessarily print that way. Especially if we are talking about images, so the following are some tips for better image printing:

* When you are scanning the images from photographs it is better to save them in either tif, or eps format. These image formats will preserve the colour and sharpness of your pictures the best.

* File formats like gif or jpg compress the pictures colour and pixel resolution and this can cause color shifts and blurriness. Since jpg and gif are the most predominant image formats on the web, it follows that it's not a good idea to simply lift an image from someone's website and use it in your layout.

* You should scan your images using a resolution of 300dpi at the final dimensions you intend to use them so that your colors will look smooth, and hard objects will look sharp. In other words don't scan at 300dpi and then enlarge the picture by 200% in your layout program!

* If you are using pictures from your digital camera they will work just fine if they are jpgs; the quality of jpg images from digital cameras seems to be much better than jpgs that are used on the web. You must do the math to make sure that it is high enough in pixel resolution though. For instance, if your camera puts out a typical image of 1280 x 960 pixels at 72dpi you get about 17" x 13" of photograph (at 72dpi); this is the same amount of detail as an image which is 4" x 3" at 300dpi so it's safe to reduce or enlarge that image in Publisher up to about 4" x 3" in dimension. 

 * Use photo ink when possible.  For photo printers there are specific ink cartridges that are specifically manufactured to make photos and images last longer.  Look for the best prices on photo printer ink in our website Inkjetsuperstore Canada

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