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How to print great cards

Honestly I love going to greeting card stores and spend hours reading all the different cards. Most of the time I find that even thought there are thousands of cards, none of them say exactly what I need to convey. So I always end up in front of my computer designing the cards myself.

Cards can be used for all types of occasions; Birthdays, Holidays, Announcements and Halloween of course!! You’ll always find that people love getting printed cards, don’t get me wrong, e-cards are wonderful but impossible to decorate with them or to pin on your cube at work.

Let’s get started then with some tips and ideas for printing great cards.

Creating the Card:

Obviously there are plenty of software applications that have greeting card features such as PageMaker, InDesign, or any other desktop publishing software.

• Pick a greeting card format or template
• Choose graphics.
• Select a font.
• Create a consistent look.
Proof and print the greeting card:

When it comes time to print your final greeting card, don't forget that final proof. Before putting your creation on expensive photo paper or greeting card stock print a final proof in draft mode.
• Check text and graphics and layout.
• Check margins and alignment.
• Fold your proof and make sure everything lines up correctly.
• If printing multiple copies of the final card, first print just one at high quality on the desired paper. Check color and ink cartridge coverage.
Make a 3D Card

While some photographs have a 3D look to them, you can really make them pop off the page by printing it twice and layering the two photos on top of each other.

• Create a Greeting Card in Your Software Program
• Cut Out Your 3D Photo Elements
• Apply Foam Squares to the Back of the Cut-Out
• Attach Cut-Out to Photo Card

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