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Print your Own Halloween Mask

The success of enjoying any holiday is to prepare everything with time. You don't want to be getting things ready the day before or that same day because you'll end up not only paying more but getting what is available and not exactly what you wanted. There are many things to consider to have the perfect Halloween. We are just going to focus on one today. How to print your own Halloween mask. You'll find links to the best places where you'll find ready to print color masks or to color yourself before printing. 

HP Creative Studio: Obviously Halloween with out Dracula or Frankestein doesn't seem scary enough. HP has this two ready to print masks for you.
Disney Family Fun: Well you don't necessarily need to be a monster. Superhero masks are a must when thinking about the perfect Halloween party. Here you'll find all you need to be the best superhero of the party.
Pastiche Family Portal: Has a good collection of masks and also gives you other mask options other than attaching ribbon or strings to it. You'll find printable masks for lion, pinguin face, phantom, mummy, dracula, big bald dude, clown and others.
Fantasy Jr: My personal favorite site for great and unique masks. You'll find Gizmo Alien, Brain Eating, Monster, Creepy Gargoyle, Lizard Man, Slobering Ogre, Eyed Alien and other very good masks.
Free Halloween Masks: A bit more on the cute side than scary this masks are perfect for little kids. They have ready to print Lion, Hippo, Crocodile, Bear, Hyena, Elephant and other cute animals. 

Printing Tips:
  • Make sure you preview your mask before printing. It takes a few minutes more but you'll be sure it is all with in printing borders.
  • Use thick paper. Obviously in order for your mask to hold on through the scary night use cardboard paper.
  • Full color is better than draft mode. Don't try to save ink because the effect will not be the same. If you are taking the time to make your own mask, print it full color all the way.
  • Adding contact paper after printing before adding the strings will make your mask stronger and why not water proof, who knows what might happen during the night, trick or treating can get wet sometimes.

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