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Canon's Creative Park - Print, Create, it's Fun!

We love giving you the insight of all the great resources printer manufacturers have available to make your printing experience the best possible, it is Canon's turn. Canon’s Creative Park is not different from the rest and here is what it can do for you: 

“Pictures can be used in all sorts of different ways and Canon's Creative Park will prove it. Check it out and see how easily you can make greeting cards, 3D objects, scrapbooks and so much more with your photos, and have fun doing it.”

  • Gifts & Cards: Templates and instructions for creating your own personalized greeting cards and envelopes.
  • Calendars: Create a personalized calendar.
  • Scrapbook: Information, templates, and instructions on creating and organizing your own scrapbook craft project.
  • 3D Paper Crafts: Construct three-dimensional projects in several different categories using only paper and your Canon printer.
  • Digital Photo Style: Quickly discover easy things you can do to turn your photos from average to awesome, covering capture to print.
Digital Photo Gallery: Download free high-resolution photos from all over the world. 


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