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HP Creative Studio Review

Reviewing a printer, ink cartridges, toner cartridges and any other printer related accessories is one of the missions of this blog. But what about all those services, programs, software’s and web pages that make your printing life so much easier?

That's the reason we took some time, downloaded, and even tested some of the projects before writing a review of the great initiative HP has to deliver printing solutions.  Ideas are easy when you have the “gift” but most of us craft-handicapped people actually spend hours just researching to find if someone else has already done it and shown how to do it the easiest way. Side note here… what did we do before Internet? Oh yeah we bought craft magazines and swapped ideas with more crafty people.

Anyway as we said the HP Creative Studio has tons of Ideas, projects and tips ready to edit, click and print. Some great features are:

HP Creative Studio for Home Use
: Well obviously it is aimed for home crafters, parents, kids, teenager printing people that use it for fun, decoration or school and realize personalized is better than bought. Just to give you an idea of the projects…. Photo books and scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, photo borders, party decorations, games and toys, you can even design and print your own wrapping paper.

HP Creative Studio for Business Use: Most definitely a must for start ups and small businesses. You have marketing templates; you can design your logo, use payroll for free, print postage from your PC, design and print your business cards and much more.

HP Daily Surprise - A new craft delivered to your desktop for free everyday. It gives you a fun, easy craft idea from the HP Creative Studio and obviously related to the day in question. For example 4th of July cards, summer crafts and much more, for me it was a time saver honestly I knew that I had an idea related to the holiday or special day and ready to go for the kids to ensemble, color, or just enjoy. So my Mommy Thumps up for this one!

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